April 2017 Stock Newsletter

April 2017 Stock Newsletter

by Lalana Fernando

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This is a monthly analysis of the stock market; which includes recommendations (buy/hold/sell) on a given list of stocks. A scorecard is given on page 1 to demonstrate our past performance. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
Average return for the past 18 months (up to 3/31/17) : 34.69%
An excerpt from the April 2017 newsletter:
•As you can see from our scorecard, our overall gain for our total portfolio is at 34.69% (average) for the past 17 months (average). If we manage to keep the same rate in the future, in another 4.5 years (at the 6 year level), we should be able to triple our money! Don’t hold your breath! That probability is very low.
•Bank of America- Any weakness in Bank of America ’s stock should be treated as an invitation to accumulate shares. The stock is in the early stages of transitioning from one of Wall Street’s primary trading vehicles for speculators and hot-money hedge funds into an investment favored by more stoic fund managers with longer time horizons. This shift has just started to become apparent in Bank of America’s (ticker: BAC) options trading patterns.

Every edition repeats my philosophy; an excerpt:
How to make use of this newsletter:

If you have been following this newsletter from 8/24/15, you would have experienced the gains on each of the stocks listed on our scorecard; and if that is not the case, this is what I suggest:
•On any of the stocks listed on the scoreboard (or in the next section), if and when the market price of those stocks equal or fall below the average cost given in our scorecard (or in the next section), buy the exact quantity given in the scorecard for that exact stock.
•For example, considering the newsletter issued on 7/1/16, on Apple, after 7/1/16, if the price drops below our average cost of $92.62, buy 29 shares.
Some “Golden Rules’ to follow (just an excerpt):
•Never have more than 50% of your savings in stocks. This way, when we get hit with the next correction or crash, you would be able to increase your holdings while decreasing your average cost of each holding. This is the best way to hedge against future corrections and crashes.
•Don’t buy, Just nibble- If the market or the stocks go down in price, “nibble’ (buy a little at a time) a little at a time. This way as the market/stocks go down, you will be able to increase your holdings. This is the best way to avoid ‘catching a falling knife” (Wall street term to buying too early and losing most of your investment).

I take great pains to cater to people who are not sophisticated investors; however I have found that even experienced investors have benefited by my unique perspective. I started trading in stocks and options around 1985. Due to the high level of risk, I do not advise most people to trade in options but I do discuss some option strategies that I have been employing. When most stock newsletters cost at least $250 per year, this could be considered a bargain. I take a contrarian perspective and go against the herd-in other words when most people are pessimistic, I am optimistic; and vice versa. I suggest that you take this opportunity to check out my newsletter. I wish you peace and prosperity!
Editor: Lalana Fernando
Email: Prosperitystocks@yahoo.com


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